The following is for the curious one(s) that are extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to be stunned by Garuda. This band of three will get you on your feet within the first few short moments of their tunes. Each one is finely skilled and together their friction of sound and love for sound is felt between the bones and skin. I have invited them to perform at a monthly event I run, and each time, they brought a liveliness to the room that felt electrifying. With a sitar, bass guitar and a customized drum kit, they zap the mind into silence and the heart trembles to the beat. This fine beat is very desirable to add to any and all special events. I look forward to booking them for a future Art Party. As for now, keep their juices flowering and let them show you how they fly! With love, Z ”

— Zay Tuta - Organizer of Nelson Art Parties