Garuda is an exciting blend of east and west, combining the complex beauty of the sitar with the deep, dangerous undercurrent of the electric bass and the pitch black grooves of the modern drumkit

Album underway! 

Garuda has always been primarily a live act, recording only occasionally and never in any quantity.  If there's one question that is always asked at Garuda shows, it's "when is the album available?".... well actually that's the 2nd question; the first is "how many strings does that sitar have?"

It's time for those questions to be answered:  the sitar has 20 strings, and we are starting work on the debut Garuda album. Stay tuned!

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Previous events

All afternoon and evening Water Festival in Winlaw BC

Mamasita's, Winlaw

Join us at the All Day Mamasita's Water Festival events! Artists, musicians, friends and families of all ages. Throw caution to the water and soak in the joy of Spring! See you there!



Kaslo, BC

This is an outdoor all day, all ages festival for families. Arts/crafts, food, vendors, and music.